Craps Glossary And Tournament

Craps Glossary

As you have understood before starting a game of Craps, you will have to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game of Craps as well as its vocabulary, you will find here the vocabulary that you will need to understand and play Craps online. in peace.

Banking: In online craps, the bank represents the dealer.

Boxman: Person who supervises the betting of players at a Craps table.

Come Bet: Similar to Pass Line Bet can only be played after the Come Out Roll.

Come-Out roll: This is the primary role of each new craps game, Pass Line and Don’t
Pass Line bets must be placed before this first roll.

Craps: If the player rolls a 2, 3, or 12 on the Come Out Roll, he is said to have had Craps.

Don’t Come: works like the Don’t Pass Bet except it is done before the Come Out Roll.

Don’t Pass: The player wins if the dice are equal to 2.3 or 12 and loses if they are equal to 7 or 11. The other numbers will award a point and the game continues.

Fire Bet: This is a unique Craps bet that is only accepted at certain casinos.
House Advantage: Refers to the percentages the casino has on bets

Natural: Means the Come Out Roll is 7 or 11.

Off: The off button indicates that the game is in the Come Out Roll

Pass Line: The player bets when the value of the dice will be “Natural” 7 or 11. If the value of the bets that win the Come Out Roll is 7 or 11, the player wins and will lose if the value of the dice is 2, 3, or 12. The others score a point.

Point: This is the number set up by the come-out roll (nothing other than 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12).

Thrower: It is the player who throws the dice

Stickman: usually the casino employee who supervises the Craps table who calls for the dice to be rolled.

We hope you find these definitions useful. Whether you are playing in a live casino or an internet casino, the above terms can be very helpful in improving your understanding of the game of Craps and increasing your chances of winning.

Craps Tournament

Online Craps tournaments are very popular in land-based casinos and are starting to increase in popularity in online casinos. How Do Online Craps Tournaments Work? each participant makes his deposit of the amount he wishes (depending on the types of tournaments and the rules), this amount is then transformed into tokens. All players start with an equal number of chips to participate in the tournament. This means that players with small budgets will also be able to enjoy the game with greater odds than usual, which brings them more feeling in the game. Like table games, the tournament will be subject to the amount of the bet. minimum and maximum which must be respected. In addition, the rules and strategies employed in the tournaments of Craps can be different from those which you usually use when you play traditional Craps ie against the bank (or the croupier) than against other players. It is therefore important to learn about the rules of a particular tournament before registering.